Envy Canvas Print by Peculiar Artifacts™
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Envy Canvas Print by Peculiar Artifacts™

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Looking to add a little flair to your room or office? Look no further!

Peculiar Artifacts™ is proud to present to you our own interpretation of the 7 Deadly Sins.

The seven deadly sins, also known as the seven cardinal sins in Roman Catholic theology, are thought to be seven vices that lead to more immorality. The seven deadly sins were listed for the first time by Pope Gregory I in the 6th century and further expanded upon by St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century.

While they have been known by different names through history, the seven deadly sins are: envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath.

• Envy is the desire for what the sinner perceives others to possess, both material and immaterial.
• Gluttony is an insatiable desire to consume more than the sinner needs.
• Greed is the all-consuming desire for material wealth and gain.
• Lust is an unreasonable thirst for the pleasures of the body.
• Pride is an unwarranted belief in the sinner’s own abilities or attributes.
• Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.
• Wrath is a sinner, consumed by anger and the desire for revenge.

This canvas print is:

• Fade-resistant
• 20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
• Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
• Matte finish coating

Size guide

Height (inches) 24
Width (inches) 36